Portrait of Christopher L. Filkins

About Christopher Filkins

As a product manager with over 20 years of experience, I have a proven track record of delivering successful products to market. With a strong background in project management, I have the ability to lead cross-functional teams to achieve business goals and drive product development from concept to launch.

My expertise in market research, customer needs analysis, and agile development methodologies has allowed me to bring innovative and user-focused products to life. I have a talent for identifying new opportunities and developing strategies to capitalize on them, resulting in increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

I am a skilled communicator and collaborator, able to build strong relationships with stakeholders at all levels of the organization. I am adept at balancing the needs of the business with the needs of the customer, and am committed to delivering value to both.

With a passion for technology and a drive to continuously learn and improve, I am confident in my ability to drive the success of any product. As a fierce advocate for the consumer experience, I am committed to ensuring that the products my teams develop are technically sound and provide users with a seamless and enjoyable experience.